Tattoo Outfits

Tattoo Outfits

We have tried many tattoo outfits. The three we sell are our pick as the best to use with dairy goats. Here's why:
They're made by Stone. Stone equipment is top quality and lasts a long time. 

The digits are tab-into-slot design. You can't insert a digit upside down, and there's less chance of dropping one when you're changing the digits. They lock firmly into place; you don't need blanks for empty spaces. Needles are nickel-plated precision-made for uniform penetration. 

The .300 and 5/16-inch tongs make small tattoos, which are perfect for most dairy goats and quite a bit smaller than the 3/8-inch tattoo tongs. The 3/8-inch tattoo outfit is ideal for the larger Nubian and Boer goat ear. 

If you raise LaManchas or if most of your work is with newborn Swiss breed kids, you will like the .300 tattoo best. It's the most compact. 

If you raise Nubians or frequently tattoo adult goats, the 5/16 inch tattoo is better. The throat of the tongs is a bit longer. You can buy this outfit with an ear release which is handy with large ears and nervous animals. 

The 3/8-inch tattoo outfit will work well for both Nubians and Boer goats. 

Below you will find our full line of tattoo outfits. Click on our kid raising tattooing section for indivdiual digits, tongs alone, ink, and digit holders.