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Our published shipping fees are based on an average of what it actually costs to ship an order. These fees are really an estimate. What you may not know is the following: We weigh each package before we ship it, and if we can ship it for less than our published fee, we will do that and pass that savings on to you. We will never charge you more than the published shipping fees. About half our orders ship for less than our published shipping fees. We do not charge a "handling fee." Shipping is just that: What it costs to get your order to you the most cost-effective way possible.



NEWS FLASH, September 27, 2018: 


FREE SHIPPING to the ADGA Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota, October 16-21, 2018. A great way to save on large, bulky, and/or expensive items, such as milk stands, our System One and Mini-Milker milking machines, clippers, pasteurizers, all our kidding supplies, etc. Order deadline to get on our truck:  October 12th at noon.






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