Milking Machines

If You Worry About Milking By Machine

There's lots of misinformation and old wives' tales about machine milking. 




If you've got just a few goats, you probably won't save much time, but milking by machine, even a few goats, is easier than hand milking. With more goats it's both more time efficient and physically less exhausting. 

In general, machine milking doesn't cause mastitis; careless milking and improper use of the equipment does. 

Always check the vacuum prior to attaching the inflations to a doe's teats. Improper vacuum can lead to mastitis. 

Be sure not to over-milk. Over-milking is probably the most common cause for mastitis when milking by machine. 

The plastic shells and silicone inflations let you watch the milk flow. The moment the milk flow stops, shut off that inflation. Also be sure to put some sort of clamp on each milk line, so you can shut off each inflation individually. 

Use a strip cup to sample milk from each doe prior to milking. Hand strip does after machine milking. Some people don't, but we recommend it. Leaving milk in the udder can cause disease and decrease production. Use a good teat dip when done. 

People may have trouble with milking machines that are jerry-rigged for goats. For best results, choose new, quality equipment from people who know both the equipment and goats. Be sure you have someone to talk with if you run into problems. 

If you follow these simple guidelines, you'll find milking by machine can be good for you AND your goats. 

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