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  1. Coats for Kids

    Coats for Kids

    Protect your kids even in the coldest weather. Coat holds in body heat and acts as an incubator. Fully lined. Learn More
  2. Coats for Adult Goats

    Coats for Adult Goats

    Our goat coats are larger versions of our kid coats. They are lined with quilted material with assorted outside fabrics and an adjustable girth belt. Learn More
  3. Show Record Book

    Show Record Book

    Organize your herd's show records with our new show record book. Book is set up to record each animals show record for one (or more years). Learn More
  4. Teat Tape

    Teat Tape

    Our teat tape is a gentle, breathable adhesive tape. Easy to put on and remove; it won't irritate teats. Learn More
  5. Show Kit

    Show Kit

    Here's what you need to make your goats look good in the show ring at a 15% savings over buying items individually. Learn More
  6. Lister Star Clipper

    Lister Star Clipper

    This Lister clipper has the latest technology in "clipperdom." It's smaller, shorter, lighter, more balanced than most. Its ergonomic design fits smaller hands well. Learn More
  7. Wahl Arco Clipper

    Wahl Arco Clipper

    A terrific clipper, perfect for trimming goats. It is powerful, lightweight, cool running, and versatile. Learn More
  8. Short Double End Lead

    Short Double End Lead

    Our double end lead is black nylon with a swivel eye bolt snap at each end. Great for securing goats to fences for hoof trimming, etc. Learn More
  9. Hay Rack

    Hay Rack

    This metal hay rack is easy to set up and take down and will attach securely to wall or fence. You'll love this hay rack at shows. Learn More
  10. Portable Grain Feeder, 16"

    Portable Grain Feeder, 16"

    This feeder is priced right and has NO EXTRA SHIPPING! Made of high impact polyethelene plastic that will stand up to hard use. This feeder has two separate compartments. Learn More

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