Milking Machine Components

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  1. Vanguard Claw Cluster

    Vanguard Claw Cluster

    Our Vanguard Claw Cluster is a highly efficient, easy to use setup for your milking machine. Our Vanguard Claw Cluster includes 1 Vanguard claw, 2 silicone inflations and 2 plastic shells (designed for Vanguard Claw), milk and vacuum lines from shell to claw. This Cluster will milk one goat. Learn More
  2. Vanguard Goat Claw

    Vanguard Goat Claw

    Our Vanguard claw has a large bowl capacity, allowing milk to flow smoothly and decreasing vacuum fluctuations at the teat. Learn More
  3. Goat Claw

    Goat Claw

    Designed to milk goats quickly and easily. You'll need one for each inflation. Learn More
  4. Dial Vacuum Gauge

    Dial Vacuum Gauge

    An easy to read 3-1/2" dial for reading vacuum. Learn More
  5. Adapter for our Discontinued Farm and Poly buckets

    Adapter for our Discontinued Farm and Poly buckets

    Allows our vacuum pulsator to attach to our discontinued farm and poly buckets. Learn More
  6. Stainless Lid Adapter

    Stainless Lid Adapter

    Allows pulsator to attach to milking bucket lid. Learn More
  7. Pulsator Rebuild Kit

    Pulsator Rebuild Kit

    Everything you need to rebuild your vacuum pulsator. Reasonably priced and easy to install. Learn More
  8. Vacuum Pulsator

    Vacuum Pulsator

    Our vacuum pulsator is made of high impact plastic. Its few moving parts make it easy to clean and assemble; no lubrication or fluid needed Learn More
  9. Vacuum Regulator

    Vacuum Regulator

    This vacuum regulator aids in maintaining a stable and consistent vacuum level. This servo-style vacuum regulator is ideal for pipelines or portable milkers. Learn More
  10. Gasket for our Discontinued Poly Bucket

    Gasket for our Discontinued Poly Bucket

    This gasket fits our discontinued poly bucket. Learn More

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