Daily Milking Products

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  1. Plastic Strip Cup

    Plastic Strip Cup

    Our new Ambic plastic strip cup features a black plastic screen for easy identification of any flakes or clots in abnormal milk. Wider diameter (6-1/4") than our aluminum strip cup. Learn More
  2. Microfiber Towels

    Microfiber Towels

    These extremely durable, blue microfiber towels are gentle on goat udders and have beneficial antimicrobial properties. Available in packs of 3, 10, 25, and 50. Learn More
  3. Silver-Embedded Microfiber Towels

    Silver-Embedded Microfiber Towels

    The embedded silver in these microfiber towels helps kill Staph., Klebsiella, E. coli, and Candida bacteria within 24 hours. Available in packs of 3, 10, 25, and 50. Learn More
  4. 1 Quart Milk Pail

    1 Quart Milk Pail

    Our new 1 quart stainless milk pail is perfect for milking goats with limited amounts of milk. Pail is 4-3/8" high and 5-3/8" wide at the top. Learn More
  5. Basic Milking Kit (1-2 Goats)

    Basic Milking Kit (1-2 Goats)

    If you're just getting started milking goats, our Basic Milking Kit has everything you need to milk one or two goats. Learn More
  6. Stainless Basic Milking Kit (3 or More Goats)

    Stainless Basic Milking Kit (3 or More Goats)

    If you prefer all stainless milk handling equipment, this kit is for you. Buying this kit saves you 15% over buying the products individually. Learn More
  7. Udder Care Kit

    Udder Care Kit

    Our Udder Care Kit has what you need to keep your milking does healthy and productive, at a savings of 15% over buying the items individually. Learn More
  8. Strip Cup

    Strip Cup

    Use the strip cup to detect mastitis. Squirt first stream of milk from each teat into strip cup. Inspect for flakes, lumps, and other signs of abnormal milk. Learn More
  9. Refill, Udder Care Kit

    Refill, Udder Care Kit

    Save money when you buy this refill kit for the Udder Care Kit. Learn More
  10. 2 Quart Milk Pail

    2 Quart Milk Pail

    This 2 qt. stainless milk pail is just the right height (and capacity) for milking most Nigerians. Learn More

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