Daily Milking Products

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  1. Spray Mist Bottle

    Spray Mist Bottle

    This unbreakable 32 oz. poly bottle works great with most teat dips. Learn More
  2. Teat Dipper

    Teat Dipper

    Sani-sure teat dipper has hollow handle that holds teat dip. Cup fills with dip when you tip dipper down. Learn More
  3. Foam-N-Dip Teat Dip

    Foam-N-Dip Teat Dip

    Our Foam-N-Dip teat dip can be used with either standard or foaming teat dip cup. Learn More
  4. Teat Dip Cup -- Cup for Dipping Navels

    Teat Dip Cup -- Cup for Dipping Navels

    Use our teat dip cup for dipping navels, or use it as it was intended at milking time. Learn More
  5. Fight Bac

    Fight Bac

    This disinfectant helps fight mastitis by controlling mastitis-causing organisms. Spray teats after milking. Economical to use: 300 applications per can. Learn More
  6. Udder Sponges

    Udder Sponges

    Big, flat cellulose sponges measure 8" x 8" x 1/2", just the right size for washing udders. Economy "Twin-Pak" package of 2 sponges. Learn More
  7. Udder Wash

    Udder Wash

    Iodine-based detergent sanitizer is designed for washing udders. Contains a wetting agent and a mild acid to kill a wide variety of bacteria and condition water for effective yet thorough cleaning. Learn More
  8. Udder Wipes, Refill Bag of 700

    Udder Wipes, Refill Bag of 700

    Hang on to your udder wipes pail and order refills in a handy bag. 700 udder wipes per bag. Learn More
  9. Udder Wipes, Pail of 700 Wipes

    Udder Wipes, Pail of 700 Wipes

    Our udder wipes are rapid drying, softening, cleansing, sanitizing, and disinfecting. They help control mastitis and promote general udder health. 700 wipes per pail. Learn More
  10. Nitrile Milker's Gloves

    Nitrile Milker's Gloves

    The most popular milker's glove on the market. 100 per box. Learn More

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