Cleaning Up Milking Equipment

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  1. Pop Bottle Brush

    Pop Bottle Brush

    The only brush we've found that cleans inside pop bottles. Head is flexible; fits through narrow neck. Learn More
  2. Bottle and Nipple Brush

    Bottle and Nipple Brush

    Our new brush has a bottle brush at one end and a separate nipple brush at the other end. Learn More
  3. Quart Bottle Brush

    Quart Bottle Brush

    This brush is the right choice for cleaning most bottles and jars from pint to full gallons. Sturdy Sparta brush with long-lasting white nylon bristles wire-wrapped onto soak-proof white plastic handle Learn More
  4. Inflation Brush

    Inflation Brush

    Designed to fit the small bore inflations on our goat milking machines. Brush cleans entire inflation, including the flange, in one operation. This brush will help shorten clean up time. Learn More
  5. Liquid Detergent

    Liquid Detergent

    Our concentrated alkaline detergent is made for hand cleaning of milking equipment and utensils. Economical, too: use 1 ounce per 6 gallons of warm water. One gallon. Learn More
  6. Anti-Milkstone Detergent

    Anti-Milkstone Detergent

    Use this special detergent on your dairy equipment from time to time in place of your regular alkaline detergent. It will remove milkstone deposits, the dull-looking film that harbors bacteria. One gallon. Learn More
  7. Gallon Jug Brush

    Gallon Jug Brush

    If you are using gallon milk jugs, this is the only brush that will clean them efficiently. Learn More
  8. Clean-Up Brush

    Clean-Up Brush

    This "gong" style brush is popular for scrubbing equipment. Long-lasting, sanitary Sparta brush with strong nylon bristles. Learn More
  9. Long-Handled Brush

    Long-Handled Brush

    This brush is good for cleaning milk cans, cheese kettles, etc. Sanitary, long-lasting Sparta brush. Learn More
  10. Nylon Scour Pad

    Nylon Scour Pad

    Sturdy and non-abrasive. Great for cleaning dairy equipment without scratching. Safe with any detergent or acid cleaner. Learn More

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