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  1. Wheel Kit for Milk Stand

    Wheel Kit for Milk Stand

    Make your fold-up milk stand really portable. 2 wheels per kit. Learn More
  2. Stainless Basic Milking Kit (3 or More Goats)

    Stainless Basic Milking Kit (3 or More Goats)

    If you prefer all stainless milk handling equipment, this kit is for you. Buying this kit saves you 15% over buying the products individually. Learn More
  3. Basic Milking Kit (1-2 Goats)

    Basic Milking Kit (1-2 Goats)

    If you're just getting started milking goats, our Basic Milking Kit has everything you need to milk one or two goats. Learn More
  4. Milking Machine Spare Parts Kit

    Milking Machine Spare Parts Kit

    At one time or another, everyone with a milking machine will need to replace certain parts. Kit has the following: Allen wrench, replacement spider, relief valve, 2 replacement screens for your filter, 2 pieces of filter material, and a box to hold all of the above. Learn More
  5. Tattoo Kits

    Tattoo Kits

    Our tattoo kits have everything you need to tattoo your kids: tattoo tongs, complete alphabet digits, numbers 0-9, green and black tattoo paste, a handy holder for your tattoo digits, and a box to store everything in. Choose from 5/16 inch tongs with or without ear release, .300 tongs, or 3/8 inch tongs. Learn More
  6. Record Books, Set of Any Two

    Record Books, Set of Any Two

    Choose any two of our four record books and save. Choose from our Health, Breeding, Show, and Just Kidding books. Learn More
  7. E-Z Nurser Set

    E-Z Nurser Set

    Previously sold separately, our E-Z nurser set comes with a two-quart plastic bottle, one kid/ lamb nipple, and wire holder. Learn More
  8. Complete Caprine Feeding Outfit

    Complete Caprine Feeding Outfit

    Here's the easiest way to feed large numbers of kids. The Caprine Feeder allows ten kids to drink milk all at the same time. Kids "drink through a straw." Complete Outfit comes with a bucket with lid, ten nipples, ten one-way valves, ten tubes, a bucket holder ring, plus a tube-cleaning brush. Learn More
  9. Safe-Guard Drench Wormer Kit

    Safe-Guard Drench Wormer Kit

    Make worming with your Safe-Guard worming drench even easier with our wormer kit. Drench wormer comes with a handy 10 cc drenching syringe. Learn More
  10. Wormer Rotation Pack

    Wormer Rotation Pack

    Our rotation pack gives you 3 tubes of worming paste from three separate classes of dewormers for best deworming coverage. Each paste wormer will worm 10-12 goats per tube. Learn More

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