Feeding Kids Caprine-Style

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  1. Caprine Feeder Tube Brush

    Caprine Feeder Tube Brush

    Tubes for Caprine feeders are difficult to clean unless you have this brush. It is specially designed and custom-made for Caprine Supply. 18" long with 1/4" nylon bristles, our Caprine tube brush works quick and slick! Learn More
  2. Complete Small Caprine Feeder

    Complete Small Caprine Feeder

    Tired of trying to feed your Pygmy and Nigerian Dwarf kids the hard way because your Caprine Feeder is just too big and tall? Now you can have the same handy feeder you've always used, just scaled down for small goats. Learn More
  3. Small Caprine Feeder Only

    Small Caprine Feeder Only

    For those who want to use their own method to secure the feeder, you can purchase the small Caprine Feeder without the bucket ring. Learn More
  4. Bucket Ring for Small Caprine Feeder

    Bucket Ring for Small Caprine Feeder

    This welded metal ring measures: 7" tall x 8-3/4" wide. It is made to fit our Small Caprine Feeder bucket perfectly. Learn More

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