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  1. Kid Holding Box With Aluminum Headpiece

    Kid Holding Box With Aluminum Headpiece

    Our special box holds kids from newborn size to several weeks old. It makes disbudding or tattooing kids an easier one-person task. Constructed of unpainted exterior plywood. INCLUDES CAST ALUMINUM HEADPIECE. Learn More
  2. Aluminum Headpiece for Kid Holding Box

    Aluminum Headpiece for Kid Holding Box

    Specially designed headpiece for the kid holding box. Helps keep kid's head still for disbudding and tattooing. Learn More
  3.  Calf Disbudding Iron

    Calf Disbudding Iron

    This calf dehorner is heavy-duty and gets very hot. More than a pound of metal in the head holds heat so you can disbud one animal after another. Two disbudding surfaces. Probably best not to use on very young kids. Learn More
  4. Dehorning Wire Saw

    Dehorning Wire Saw

    For removing horns from mature goats. Use this fast-cutting veterinary obstetrical wire to do a quick, neat job. Also useful to remove horn scurs and to cut small horns from kids before burning the root with hot iron. Learn More
  5. 25 Feet of Saw Wire

    25 Feet of Saw Wire

    This is the cutting wire to use with our dehorning wire saw. 25 foot roll of wire. Learn More
  6. Scur Nipper

    Scur Nipper

    A handy tool for trimming horn scurs on goats. Long handles give good leverage. You can nip off end of scur without twisting and breaking. Learn More
  7. Dehorning Paste

    Dehorning Paste

    Caustic paste for disbudding kids or calves. Will do a satisfactory job if used carefully and according to directions. Learn More

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