Kid Raising

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  1. Kid Colostrum Supplement

    Kid Colostrum Supplement

    Our Manna Pro colostrum supplement is specially formulated to nurture newborn kids that are not being fed their mother's natural colostrum. 8 oz. packet with scoop for easy measuring. Learn More
  2. 5/16 Inch Tattoo Outfit with Ear Release

    5/16 Inch Tattoo Outfit with Ear Release

    The tattoo tongs in this outfit has a "positive ear release," a spring-set metal plate that helps push ear free when tongs are released. Complete 5/16 inch tattoo outfit contains tongs, set of numbers 0-9, and black ink. Order alphabet letters separately Learn More
  3. Rhinehart X50 Disbudding Iron

    Rhinehart X50 Disbudding Iron

    Heavy-duty Rhinehart X50 calf dehorner with special Caprine 1/2" (inside) diameter tip is one of the best irons we've found for disbudding kid goats. Iron gets very hot for quick disbudding. Learn More
  4. Milky Electric Pasteurizer

    Milky Electric Pasteurizer

    Our 15 liter/3-1/2 gallon electric pasteurizer is double walled and versatile. It will pasteurize milk and fruit juices as well as make cheese and yogurt. Learn More
  5. Complete Small Caprine Feeder

    Complete Small Caprine Feeder

    Tired of trying to feed your Pygmy and Nigerian Dwarf kids the hard way because your Caprine Feeder is just too big and tall? Now you can have the same handy feeder you've always used, just scaled down for small goats. Learn More
  6. "Just Kidding" Record Book

    "Just Kidding" Record Book

    Organize your herd records with our "Just Kidding" record book. You can record breeding and kidding information for individual does. 50 pages for actual records. Spiral-bound. Learn More

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