Veterinary Supplies

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  1. Ketocheck


    If you suspect one of your does has ketosis, you can check her yourself without calling the vet using this ketone test powder for milk, urine, or plasma. Learn More
  2. Ketone Test Strips

    Ketone Test Strips

    An accurate, easy way to detect ketosis. Strip turns purple after contact with urine of ketotic animal. Learn More
  3. Propylene Glycol (for Ketosis)

    Propylene Glycol (for Ketosis)

    Used in prevention and treatment of ketosis (pregnancy toxemia) which may affect does in late pregnancy. Symptoms include appetite loss which should be treated immediately or doe may "go down" and die within a couple of days. Learn More
  4. Propylene Glycol, One Gallon

    Propylene Glycol, One Gallon

    Propylene glycol in a one gallon plastic bottle. Learn More
  5. Theracyn


    A one-stop topical spray, Theracyn works with your goat's body to mimic its own immune system response to wound and infection. Use to treat or prevent cuts, scratches, eye infections, ringworm, hot spots, rashes, skin infections, abscesses, burns, post-surgical sites, and more. Learn More
  6. M.F.O. Solution

    M.F.O. Solution

    A calcium-phosphorus-magnesium-potassium-dextrose oral solution. Use to treat milk fever, stress, and as a supplementary nutritive source in animals with deficiencies. Learn More
  7. Disposable Gloves

    Disposable Gloves

    High quality disposable five-finger examination gloves. One pair of gloves per package. Discounts for 10 or more. Learn More
  8. Di-Methox Powder

    Di-Methox Powder

    Cocciodiosis is apt to become resistant to treatment and control from a single compound. Veterinarians often recommend switching from amprolium to a sulfa drug in order to maintain maximum control of coccidiosis. Di-Methox powder is a soluble form of sulfadimethoxine. It has the same active ingredient as Albon and is much less expensive. 107g packet. Learn More
  9. Di-Methox 40%, 250 ml. Bottle

    Di-Methox 40%, 250 ml. Bottle

    Sulfadimethozine injectable is a good choice when your vet recommends a sulfonamide. 250 ml. bottle. Learn More
  10. Kao-Pec


    This antidiarrheal liquid aids in treating noninfectious diarrhea. It is the animal equivalent of Kaopectate with the active ingredients Kaolin and Pectin. 1 gallon. Learn More

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