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  1. Bucket for Milk Stand Bucket Holder

    Bucket for Milk Stand Bucket Holder

    Our 2 gallon bucket fits perfectly in our milk stand bucket holder. Learn More
  2. 8 Quart "Hook Over" Pail

    8 Quart "Hook Over" Pail

    Use this 8 quart pail for water, grain, feed, or whenever you need a handy pail. It can hang over boards up to 2" wide or use it with its carrying handle. Learn More
  3. Utility Pails, 8 Quart and 12 Quart

    Utility Pails, 8 Quart and 12 Quart

    Our utility pails are made of a reinforced molded "rubber polymer" alloy. They will take incredible abuse: they will not rust, dent, crack, or crush, and will resist effects of weather and strong detergents. Learn More
  4. Goat Trough Protector

    Goat Trough Protector

    A nontoxic, environmentally friendly, all natural enzyme water trough protector. Prevents film, residue, organic contaminations, and cross-bacterial contamination. Learn More
  5. Heated 9 Quart Bucket

    Heated 9 Quart Bucket

    In the coldest weather you can offer your goats heated water. Our 9 quart heated bucket has a built-in thermostat and steel handle plus a chew protector over the cord. Thermostat triggers the heating element when water is 42 degrees or below. Learn More
  6. Nipple Waterer

    Nipple Waterer

    Stainless steel nipple valve delivers clean water on demand. Goat drinks directly from tip. Slight pressure on nipple lets water flow; it shuts off when released. Learn More
  7. Float Valve

    Float Valve

    Non-siphoning float valve converts your watering trough to an automatic waterer. Allows water to flow as needed without running over. Learn More
  8. Automatic Waterer

    Automatic Waterer

    This stock waterer takes all the work out of watering chores. Made of heavy gauge prime draw quality steel with adjustable float valve molded from high grade nylon for a lifetime of trouble-free operation. Goats require no training to use this convenient automatic waterer. Learn More
  9. Repair Kit, Automatic Waterer

    Repair Kit, Automatic Waterer

    Automatic waterer repair kit Learn More
  10. Rapid Water Heater

    Rapid Water Heater

    This well-built drop-in water heater is useful to warm up water at shows, in the kid barn, or anywhere you need hot water and have an electrical outlet. Heats a gallon of water from 60 to 130 degrees in about 10 minutes. Learn More

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