Insect Control and Insecticides

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  1. Horse & Stable Spray

    Horse & Stable Spray

    Finally, a multi-use insecticide and repellent labeled for goats! Protects goats and other livestock from horse, stable, horn, deer, and face flies, lice, fleas, ticks, gnats, and mosquitoes. Learn More
  2. Fly Rid Plus Spray

    Fly Rid Plus Spray

    Available in a 32 oz. non-aerosol spray, a gallon-sized refill, and a combo of both. Learn More
  3. Goat Protector

    Goat Protector

    Protect goats against parasites (including lice, mites, and fleas) and odors with this non-toxic, natural, biodegradable, environmentally friendly animal spray. Learn More
  4. Zonk It!, 32 oz. Sprayer and 128 oz. Refill

    Zonk It!, 32 oz. Sprayer and 128 oz. Refill

    Zonk It! is a powerful control against many types of insects, including horn, face, and horse flies, mosquitoes and gnats. Zonk It! also kills lice and louse eggs, ticks and fleas. Learn More

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