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  1. Salt Block Holder

    Salt Block Holder

    Our coated wire salt block holder can bolt to the wall, post, or fence. We use them in pens where we don't need large, 25 lb. blocks; also great for shows. Learn More
  2. Grain Scoop, Large

    Grain Scoop, Large

    An unbreakable plastic feed scoop. Helps make feeding grain more efficient and easy. Learn More
  3. Grain Scoop, Small

    Grain Scoop, Small

    Our unbreakable plastic feed scoop helps make grain feeding efficient and easy. 1 pint size. Learn More
  4. Hay Hook

    Hay Hook

    Using a hay hook will make work around the barn lots easier. Use one hook to snag a bale of hay and pull it along behind; use two hooks to lift a bale with ease. Learn More
  5. Bit Snap

    Bit Snap

    Our bit snap serves a variety of uses; it's convenient for hanging small pails for feed, water. Learn More
  6. Mineral Feeder

    Mineral Feeder

    Use these feeders for feeding loose minerals. Goats won't tip it over and ruin the minerals inside. Learn More
  7. Goat Treats

    Goat Treats

    Our goats are wild about these goat treats. Now we have two flavors: licorice and apple.The pelleted treat is designed to provide a nutritional treat or reward and should not imbalance the normal diet. 6 lb. bag. Learn More
  8. 6-Sided Feeder with Poly Tub

    6-Sided Feeder with Poly Tub

    This feeder's solid steel construction with a poly tub insert makes feeding and clean-up easy. It also cuts down on feed loss. Learn More
  9. 4 Foot Two-Sided Feeder

    4 Foot Two-Sided Feeder

    This feeder is designed to feed both hay and/or grain and comes in two different pan styles ( galvanized or poly). Learn More
  10. 8 Foot Two-Sided Feeder

    8 Foot Two-Sided Feeder

    This feeder is 8 feet long with a galvanized or poly pan. It's designed to feed both hay and/or grain Learn More

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