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  1. Cable Clamp

    Cable Clamp

    These clamps are excellent for fastening sections of stock panels for pens, partitions, etc. Learn More
  2. Safety Spring Hook

    Safety Spring Hook

    This spring-loaded interlocking safety snap can be used to hang pails, fasten gates, etc. Opens with finger pressure; then snaps shut. Learn More
  3. Double End Snap

    Double End Snap

    Double end snaps are very handy all around the farm. Use them to hang pails or fasten gates. The also make convenient temporary fence closures. Learn More
  4. Swivel Eye Bolt Snap

    Swivel Eye Bolt Snap

    Swivel eye bolt snaps work great for lead ropes, tie-outs, etc. Learn More
  5. Metal Wall Bracket

    Metal Wall Bracket

    Our metal bracket mounts securely to any wall or fence post and holds most styles of buckets. Learn More
  6. Utility Box

    Utility Box

    We include this handy box in most of our kits because it's just the right size. These boxes will help you organize your goat equipment in your barn and milkroom and will help keep everything in its place in your show tack box. Box measures 15" x 7-3/4" x 5-1/4" high plus handle. Learn More
  7. Outdoor Thermometer

    Outdoor Thermometer

    Seems like we're always asking, "How cold is it out there?" Now you'll know with this weather-resistant outdoor thermometer. Learn More
  8. Maximum-Minimum Thermometer

    Maximum-Minimum Thermometer

    This clever outdoor thermometer records the day's maximum and minimum temperatures as well as the actual temperature. Fahrenheit and Celsius scales. Learn More
  9. Disinfectant Mat

    Disinfectant Mat

    Place at the entrance to your barn so everyone's feet are disinfected before they enter. When filled, mat repels dirt and is effective for one week before it needs to be emptied and refilled. Learn More
  10. Hay Hook

    Hay Hook

    Using a hay hook will make work around the barn lots easier. Use one hook to snag a bale of hay and pull it along behind; use two hooks to lift a bale with ease. Learn More

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