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  1. Citric Acid

    Citric Acid

    Citric acid is used to make quick and easy mozzarella and ricotta cheese. 8 oz. packet. Learn More
  2. Calcium Chloride

    Calcium Chloride

    Calcium chloride helps give a firmer set to your cheese curds when you make hard cheese. 2 oz. bottle. Learn More
  3. pH Paper

    pH Paper

    Use these handy strips to test the pH level of milk, curds, and whey to ensure the proper acidity of your cheese. 50 strips per pack. Learn More
  4. Large Dial Thermometer

    Large Dial Thermometer

    A good thermometer for cheesemaking, pasteurizing, etc. Sturdy construction; won't break easily. Registers 0 to 220 degrees F. Learn More
  5. Acid Testing Kit

    Acid Testing Kit

    This acidity testing kit lets you know when to add rennet and when to put curd in the cheese mold. Learn More
  6. Small Dial Thermometer

    Small Dial Thermometer

    This small dial thermometer works nicely as a dairy thermometer to check cooling, pasteurizing, cheesemaking, etc. This is also the thermometer we sell as our "A.I. thermometer". Learn More
  7. Digital Instant Read Thermometer

    Digital Instant Read Thermometer

    Our digital instant read thermometer is great for cheesemaking and pasteurizing milk. Thermometer features quartz accuracy to 1/10 of a degree, has a memory button to record highest and lowest temperatures for instant recall, and will read Fahrenheit or Celsius. Learn More
  8. Floating Thermometer

    Floating Thermometer

    Use this floating thermometer for making cheese and yogurt or pasteurizing milk. Sealed in glass, thermometer measures 20 to 200 degrees F. Learn More
  9. Aluminum Lid for 8 Quart Stainless Milk Pail

    Aluminum Lid for 8 Quart Stainless Milk Pail

    Sturdy aluminum 10" stock pot lid fits 8 qt. pail. Useful when making cheese. Learn More
  10. Yogotherm Yogurt Maker

    Yogotherm Yogurt Maker

    Our NEW Yogotherm makes yogurt, kefir, sour cream, and fresh cheeses easily, without electricity. One yogurt culture comes with each Yogotherm. Learn More

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