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  1. Aluminum Cane

    Aluminum Cane

    Natural aluminum cane holds two 9.2 or 10 mm goblets each. Learn More
  2. Straw Cutter

    Straw Cutter

    The straw cutter cuts the sealed end of 3 mm diameter (Continental, French, Simmet, or Canadian) straws cleanly without crushing. Learn More
  3. Straw Tweezers

    Straw Tweezers

    Plastic tweezers designed for grasping semen straws. Learn More
  4. Straw Thaw Box

    Straw Thaw Box

    Here's an economical answer to thawing straws. Made from styrofoam, this box holds water and thawing straw. Learn More
  5. Non-Spermicidal Lubricant

    Non-Spermicidal Lubricant

    A water-soluble lubricating jelly specially formulated for veterinary gynecological procedures. It is treated and verified non-spermicidal, having no detrimental effects on sperm motility. Learn More
  6. Speculum Brush

    Speculum Brush

    Use this brush for cleaning large and small speculums. Learn More
  7. Jorgensen Speculum

    Jorgensen Speculum

    Our Jorgensen A.I. equipment operates on the principle of fiber optics. Speculum is clear lucite plastic. Learn More
  8. Jorgensen A.I. Light

    Jorgensen A.I. Light

    The Jorgensen's light beam runs through lucite to illuminate the end of the speculum. Provides a wash of light at the cervix area. Learn More
  9. A.I. Speculum

    A.I. Speculum

    You don't have to worry about dropping and breaking our A.I. speculum; it's made from durable butyl. Choose from large and small speculums. Learn More
  10. Sheath Carrier

    Sheath Carrier

    Aluminum storage container for your open package of A.I. sheaths. Seals tightly to prevent contamination. Learn More

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