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  1. Goat Snax

    Goat Snax

    Goats love our new Goat Snax, available in rice/berry or banana/ginger flavors. A great training treat. 5 lb. bag. Learn More
  2. Home Cheese Making, 4th Edition by Ricki Carroll

    Home Cheese Making, 4th Edition by Ricki Carroll

    Recently updated 4th edition with extra recipes and full color photos, this book is a must have for anyone who wants too make cheese at home. Learn More
  3. Ultracruz Copper Boluses

    Ultracruz Copper Boluses

    A slow-release copper, designed to provide goats with this essential trace mineral. Learn More
  4. NEW Mini-Milker Vacuum Pump

    NEW Mini-Milker Vacuum Pump

    Finally, a milking machine vacuum pump just the right size and price for those who want to milk one goat at a time! Learn More
  5. Goat Care 2X

    Goat Care 2X

    FDA approved for goats, Morantel tartate wormer in medicated feed form. 3 lb. bag will treat six (6) 100 lb. goats. Learn More
  6. EMT


    A natural wound product for small and large animals. Active ingredient is natural medical hydrolysate Type I collagen. 1 oz. gel tube. Learn More
  7. Balling Gun for Copper Bolus

    Balling Gun for Copper Bolus

    An ideal sized balling gun for the Santa Cruz Copper Boluses that we sell. Learn More
  8. Copper Bolus Combo

    Copper Bolus Combo

    Save money with our copper bolus and balling gun combo. Choose either 2 gm. or 4 gm. option. Learn More
  9. 1 Quart Milk Pail

    1 Quart Milk Pail

    Our new 1 quart stainless milk pail is perfect for milking goats with limited amounts of milk. Pail is 4-3/8" high and 5-3/8" wide at the top. Learn More
  10. Saboten Hoof Trimmers

    Saboten Hoof Trimmers

    These lightweight, rust-resistant Saboten hoof trimmers are the ones we stocked (and you loved!) years ago, and they're now back in stock. Learn More

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