Equipment for Shows

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  1. Portable Grain Feeder, 16"

    Portable Grain Feeder, 16"

    This feeder is priced right and has NO EXTRA SHIPPING! Made of high impact polyethelene plastic that will stand up to hard use. This feeder has two separate compartments. Learn More
  2. Portable Grain Feeder, 36"

    Portable Grain Feeder, 36"

    Our 36" portable grain feeder is made of heavy-duty plastic and is practically indestructible. Learn More
  3. Utility Feeder

    Utility Feeder

    This utility feeder is great for grain, minerals, or salt. It holds about 5 lbs. of grain. Learn More
  4. 8 Quart "Hook Over" Pail

    8 Quart "Hook Over" Pail

    Use this 8 quart pail for water, grain, feed, or whenever you need a handy pail. It can hang over boards up to 2" wide or use it with its carrying handle. Learn More
  5. Utility Pails, 8 Quart and 12 Quart

    Utility Pails, 8 Quart and 12 Quart

    Our utility pails are made of a reinforced molded "rubber polymer" alloy. They will take incredible abuse: they will not rust, dent, crack, or crush, and will resist effects of weather and strong detergents. Learn More
  6. Salt Block Holder

    Salt Block Holder

    Our coated wire salt block holder can bolt to the wall, post, or fence. We use them in pens where we don't need large, 25 lb. blocks; also great for shows. Learn More
  7. Utility Box

    Utility Box

    We include this handy box in most of our kits because it's just the right size. These boxes will help you organize your goat equipment in your barn and milkroom and will help keep everything in its place in your show tack box. Box measures 15" x 7-3/4" x 5-1/4" high plus handle. Learn More
  8. Double End Snap

    Double End Snap

    Double end snaps are very handy all around the farm. Use them to hang pails or fasten gates. The also make convenient temporary fence closures. Learn More
  9. Safety Spring Hook

    Safety Spring Hook

    This spring-loaded interlocking safety snap can be used to hang pails, fasten gates, etc. Opens with finger pressure; then snaps shut. Learn More
  10. Cable Clamp

    Cable Clamp

    These clamps are excellent for fastening sections of stock panels for pens, partitions, etc. Learn More

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