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  1. Deep Freeze Conditioning Shampoo

    Deep Freeze Conditioning Shampoo

    This refreshing shampoo relaxes and cools rapidly. Effective on over-heated animals and those who have engaged in strenuous activity. 1 pt. plastic bottle. Learn More
  2. Calm Coat Pre-Clip

    Calm Coat Pre-Clip

    The only pre-clipping product available, Calm Coat takes the stress out of clipping. Creates a high quality, even, smooth cut. 16 fl. oz nonaerosol spray bottle. Learn More
  3. 5 Foot Double Panel

    5 Foot Double Panel

    An inexpensive way to make pens -- anywhere. These panels make wonderful temporary pens for kidding, isolating, or sorting goats or sheep. They work great for splitting existing pens, too. Panels come in a set of two 5' panels connected with a loop. Learn More
  4. Show Kit

    Show Kit

    Here's what you need to make your goats look good in the show ring at a 15% savings over buying items individually. Learn More
  5. Wahl Arco Clipper

    Wahl Arco Clipper

    A terrific clipper, perfect for trimming goats. It is powerful, lightweight, cool running, and versatile. Learn More
  6. Lister Star Clipper

    Lister Star Clipper

    This Lister clipper has the latest technology in "clipperdom." It's smaller, shorter, lighter, more balanced than most. Its ergonomic design fits smaller hands well. Learn More
  7. Looped Goat Leads

    Looped Goat Leads

    Handy and good looking, these looped leads are made from single ply nylon with box stitching to reinforce stress points. Nickel plated swivel snaps. Choose from 8” loop (10” overall) and 12” loop (14” overall). Learn More
  8. Economy Show Chain

    Economy Show Chain

    This quality chrome plated chain goat collar has simple clean look in the show ring. Comes in 16”, 22”, and 26” lengths. Learn More
  9. Leather and Pronged Show Chain

    Leather and Pronged Show Chain

    Perfect for showing meat goats and bucks! Unique prong design distributes pressure and provides humane behavior correction. Comes in 24”, 26” and 28” lengths. Learn More
  10. Show Chain with Leather Handle

    Show Chain with Leather Handle

    Another perfect chain for showing meat goats and bucks! Soft and smooth it feels great and helps maintain control. Comes in 24”, 26” and 28” lengths. Learn More

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