Daily Milking Products

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  1. Teat Dip Cup -- Cup for Dipping Navels

    Teat Dip Cup -- Cup for Dipping Navels

    Use our teat dip cup for dipping navels, or use it as it was intended at milking time. Learn More
  2. Foam-N-Dip Teat Dip

    Foam-N-Dip Teat Dip

    Our Foam-N-Dip teat dip can be used with either standard or foaming teat dip cup. Learn More
  3. Teat Dipper

    Teat Dipper

    Sani-sure teat dipper has hollow handle that holds teat dip. Cup fills with dip when you tip dipper down. Learn More
  4. Spray Mist Bottle

    Spray Mist Bottle

    This unbreakable 32 oz. poly bottle works great with most teat dips. Learn More
  5. Teat Tape

    Teat Tape

    Our teat tape is a gentle, breathable adhesive tape. Easy to put on and remove; it won't irritate teats. Learn More
  6. Stop-A-Leak


    Safe, easy-to-apply liquid constricts muscle at end of leaking teat. Helpful for does with large orifices. 1.75 oz. bottle. Learn More
  7. Chap-Guard Plus Udder Cream with Aloe Vera

    Chap-Guard Plus Udder Cream with Aloe Vera

    Chap Guard Plus Udder Cream contains humectants which assist in maintaining the moisture balance of skin and vitamins. 1 lb. tub. Learn More
  8. Peppermint Rub

    Peppermint Rub

    A natural anti-inflammatory product. 500 ml bottle has handy hanger. Learn More
  9. Udder Balm

    Udder Balm

    Dr. Naylor's Udder Balm has been used for years to keep goat teats and udders soft and healthy. 9 oz. tin. Learn More
  10. Dairy Towel Dispenser

    Dairy Towel Dispenser

    This white enamel dispenser holds a full package of dairy towels. Comes with 250 towel pack. Learn More

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