Kid Raising

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  1. Super 7+ Navel Dip

    Super 7+ Navel Dip

    An umbilical cord dry-out and protective solution for newborn goats. 16 fl. oz. spray bottle. Learn More
  2. Milky Electric Pasteurizer

    Milky Electric Pasteurizer

    Our 15 liter/3-1/2 gallon electric pasteurizer is double walled and versatile. It will pasteurize milk and fruit juices as well as make cheese and yogurt. Learn More
  3. Plastic Bottle for Pritchard Nipple

    Plastic Bottle for Pritchard Nipple

    And now a 16 oz. plastic bottle specially designed for the Pritchard nipple. 16 oz. bottle only. Learn More
  4. 16 Oz. Plastic Bottle and Pritchard Nipple Combo

    16 Oz. Plastic Bottle and Pritchard Nipple Combo

    Our new 16 oz. plastic bottle with Pritchard nipple. Learn More
  5. Complete Caprine Feeding Outfit

    Complete Caprine Feeding Outfit

    Here's the easiest way to feed large numbers of kids. The Caprine Feeder allows ten kids to drink milk all at the same time. Kids "drink through a straw." Complete Outfit comes with a bucket with lid, ten nipples, ten one-way valves, ten tubes, a bucket holder ring, plus a tube-cleaning brush. Learn More
  6. Caprine Nipples

    Caprine Nipples

    Specially-designed nipples for Caprine-style feeders (regular and small). Nipple fits through a 5/8" hole in pail. (For metal pails which have thin walls, 9/16" hole gives snugger fit.) Flange on back of nipple holds plastic tube which extends down into the milk. Kids "drink through a straw." Nipple fits onto most pop bottles; many breeders prefer our Caprine nipples for bottle feeding. Also available at a discount for quantities of 20 or more. Learn More
  7. Colostrum Powder

    Colostrum Powder

    Labeled for goats! This colostrum powder contains a source of live (viable) naturally occurring microorganisms, dried colostrum milk, and vitamins A, D3, and E. Learn More
  8. Kid Survival Kit

    Kid Survival Kit

    When a kid's life is at stake, you want everything on hand, and this kid survival kit has what you need, in one place when minutes count. A 15% savings over buying items individually. Learn More
  9. Kid Colostrum Supplement

    Kid Colostrum Supplement

    Our Manna Pro colostrum supplement is specially formulated to nurture newborn kids that are not being fed their mother's natural colostrum. 8 oz. packet with scoop for easy measuring. Learn More
  10. Kid Milk Replacer, 4 lb. Bag

    Kid Milk Replacer, 4 lb. Bag

    This instant milk replacer is specially formulated for raising kid goats. It has more protein than calf replacer and less fat than lamb replacers. It's not medicated and contains no antibiotics, but it has all milk protein sources with no artificial soy milk substitutes. Learn More

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