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  1. Hoof Trimmer

    Hoof Trimmer

    Our lightweight hoof trimmers have delighted all who have tried them. Their rust-resistant, teflon-coated narrow blades are very sharp and stay that way. Learn More
  2. Replacement Spring for Hoof Trimmer

    Replacement Spring for Hoof Trimmer

    We stock replacement springs for your hoof trimmer. Learn More
  3. Hoof Rot Shears

    Hoof Rot Shears

    The old favorite for trimming goat hooves. Especially good for tough, overgrown feet. Learn More
  4. Holsters for Hoof Trimmer and Shears

    Holsters for Hoof Trimmer and Shears

    These holsters fit on your belt so your trimmer is always right where you need it. Choose from either vinyl fabric or leather fabric holsters for your trimmer. Learn More
  5. Hoof Plane

    Hoof Plane

    Our 5-1/2" long pocket plane is a carpentry tool which works very well for precise shaping of hooves. Learn More
  6. Replacement Blade for Hoof Plane

    Replacement Blade for Hoof Plane

    The replacement blade for the hoof plane is made from hardened, tempered tool steel. Learn More
  7. Hoof Heal

    Hoof Heal

    Labeled for goats! Hoof Heal helps maintain healthy hoof condition; creates a flexible germ, water barrier. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal to help prevent infection. Learn More
  8. Disinfectant Mat

    Disinfectant Mat

    Place at the entrance to your barn so everyone's feet are disinfected before they enter. When filled, mat repels dirt and is effective for one week before it needs to be emptied and refilled. Learn More
  9. Udder Support

    Udder Support

    Our udder support protects pendulous udders and discourages kids from nursing. Learn More
  10. Weigh Tape

    Weigh Tape

    Specially-marked tape "weighs" a goat by measuring the heart girth and converting length to a fairly accurate estimate of the animal's body weight up to 200 pounds. Learn More

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