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  1. Disposable Plastic Boots

    Disposable Plastic Boots

    Protection against contamination between facilities. Clear plastic over the shoe disposable boots. Easy to slip on and off, tie closure. A great inexpensive way to keep visitors from bringing unwanted organisms onto your premise or causing contami-nation between pens on your farm. 2 boots per package. Discount for 10 or more pairs of disposable boots. Learn More
  2. Disposable Plastic Boots, 10 Pairs or More

    Disposable Plastic Boots, 10 Pairs or More

    Order 10 or more pairs of disposable plastic boots at a discounted price. Use this ONLY when you are ordering 10 or more pairs of boots. Learn More
  3. Coats for Adult Goats

    Coats for Adult Goats

    Our goat coats are larger versions of our kid coats. They are lined with quilted material with assorted outside fabrics and an adjustable girth belt. Learn More
  4. Show Record Book

    Show Record Book

    Regular Price: $5.95

    Special Price: $5.35

    Organize your herd's show records with our new show record book. Book is set up to record each animals show record for one (or more years). Learn More
  5. Record Books, Set of Any Two

    Record Books, Set of Any Two

    Regular Price: $9.95

    Special Price: $8.95

    Choose any two of our four record books and save. Choose from our Health, Breeding, Show, and Just Kidding books. Learn More
  6. Pedigree pad

    Pedigree pad

    Our own three-generation pedigree sheet in pads of 25. Learn More
  7. Boer Goat, Buck, or Sheep Headpiece

    Boer Goat, Buck, or Sheep Headpiece

    Boer goats, bucks, and sheep often need restraining but are usually too large to use a regular milk stand. Our Boer Goat/Buck/Sheep headpiece is just perfect for holding these larger animals for grooming, hoof trimming or doctoring. Learn More
  8. Ringside Tie Chain

    Ringside Tie Chain

    When holding pens are scarce (or nonexistent), you won't hold up the show when you use this ringside tie chain. Also useful for bathing or feeding several goats at once. Learn More
  9. Goat Hobble

    Goat Hobble

    Almost everyone has that one goat that just won't stand still for milking, treatment, clipping, etc. Our goat hobbles are the humane way to keep a goat's feet where they belong -- on the ground! Learn More
  10. Hoof Care Kit

    Hoof Care Kit

    Everything you need to keep your goats' hoofs in great shape. Our Hoof Care Kit saves you more than 15% over buying these products individually. Learn More

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