Goat Management

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  1. Sticky Roll Mini-Kit and Refill

    Sticky Roll Mini-Kit and Refill

    If you've used and liked the Mr. Sticky fly tape, you'll love this new system for home and barn. It's nonpolluting, nontoxic, and amazingly effective. The Mini-Kit works great for home and small barns. Learn More
  2. Number Tags

    Number Tags

    Unbreakable solid nylon neck tags with permanently engraved numbers. Sold in sets of 10. Learn More
  3. Goat Protector

    Goat Protector

    Protect goats against parasites (including lice, mites, and fleas) and odors with this non-toxic, natural, biodegradable, environmentally friendly animal spray. Learn More
  4. Hoof Care Kit

    Hoof Care Kit

    Everything you need to keep your goats' hoofs in great shape. Our Hoof Care Kit saves you more than 15% over buying these products individually. Learn More
  5. Disinfectant Mat

    Disinfectant Mat

    Place at the entrance to your barn so everyone's feet are disinfected before they enter. When filled, mat repels dirt and is effective for one week before it needs to be emptied and refilled. Learn More
  6. Hoof Trimmer

    Hoof Trimmer

    Our lightweight hoof trimmers have delighted all who have tried them. Their rust-resistant, teflon-coated narrow blades are very sharp and stay that way. Learn More
  7. Barn Cam for Metal and Stone Barns

    Barn Cam for Metal and Stone Barns

    Always running back and forth to the barn to check your goats? Now you can monitor your goats' activity from the comfort of your home with our Barn Cams! These systems have the latest wireless technology. Installation is simple and convenient. These barn cams are for metal and stone barns. Learn More
  8. Poly Hay Feeders

    Poly Hay Feeders

    Lightweight and sturdy, our poly hay feeder attaches to fence rails, panels, or walls. Fill hay from the top; goats pull hay through the openings on the front. Learn More
  9. 5 Foot Double Panel

    5 Foot Double Panel

    An inexpensive way to make pens -- anywhere. These panels make wonderful temporary pens for kidding, isolating, or sorting goats or sheep. They work great for splitting existing pens, too. Panels come in a set of two 5' panels connected with a loop. Learn More
  10. Aluminum Panel in 4', 5', and 6' Lengths

    Aluminum Panel in 4', 5', and 6' Lengths

    This aluminum panel is lightweight and easy to move. Its design makes it perfect for temporary or even permanent kidding pens. The narrow spacing at the bottom of the panel is designed to keep kids in. Learn More

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