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  1. Sunrise Goat Milk Soap

    Sunrise Goat Milk Soap

    Back by popular demand, our locally-made Sunrise soaps are made by the "cold process" method. They contain olive and canola oils because these are good moisturizers, coconut oil for its wonderful lathering quality, and palm oil to make the bars hard. Goat milk adds increased lathering power and creaminess. Learn More
  2. Goat Treats

    Goat Treats

    Our goats are wild about these goat treats. Now we have two flavors: licorice and apple.The pelleted treat is designed to provide a nutritional treat or reward and should not imbalance the normal diet. 6 lb. bag. Learn More
  3. Ceramic Mugs

    Ceramic Mugs

    This traditionally shaped ceramic mug is sturdy enough for the barn or pickup and pretty enough for the dining room table. The dairy goats mugs (in all six breeds) and the feature contrasting brown pictures of grown goats and kids, plus the breed name written in calligraphy. Learn More
  4. Half Gallon Goat Milk Bottle and Bottle with a Six Glasses

    Half Gallon Goat Milk Bottle and Bottle with a Six Glasses

    Our goat milk bottle holds a half gallon of milk in a heavy glass bottle with green plastic cap. Bottle has handy grips built into its sides for easy handling and pouring. It's the perfect size for storing milk and juices. Learn More
  5. Goat Milk Glass and Set of Six Glasses

    Goat Milk Glass and Set of Six Glasses

    This Caprine-exclusive glass says "Goat Milk" all around it in green ink. It looks really sharp when filled with milk! Learn More
  6. Milk Bottle Carrier with Four Milk Bottles

    Milk Bottle Carrier with Four Milk Bottles

    This set saves you money when you purchase four milk bottles with a carrier. Learn More
  7. Dairy Goat, Boer, Pygmy, and Nigerian Glasses

    Dairy Goat, Boer, Pygmy, and Nigerian Glasses

    Everyone likes to show off her goats, so our glasses allow you to do that. We have glasses in six dairy breeds ( Alpine, LaMancha, Nubian, Oberhasli, Saanen, and Toggenburg), Boer, Pygmy, and Nigerian Dwarf. Learn More
  8. Goat Cookie Cutter

    Goat Cookie Cutter

    Our Caprine Supply cookie cutter makes a 4" goat shaped cookie. Available individually, or discount-priced in packs of 10 and 20 cutters. Learn More
  9. Goat Notes

    Goat Notes

    We constantly get requests for our catalog art, so here are some favorites and along with some you haven't seen before. Our goat notes are a six-pack of Caprine Supply catalog goats. Our six notes come with six envelopes. Learn More
  10. Stainless Travel Mug

    Stainless Travel Mug

    Our NEW stainless steel travel mug holds 15 oz. of hot or cold liquid. Brushed stainless finish with black picture of our three goats from the rear and the slogan, “Love Me, Love My Goats." Learn More

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