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  1. Rennet, Three or More Strips of 10 Tablets

    Rennet, Three or More Strips of 10 Tablets

    It's less expensive when you purchase three or more strips of 10 rennet tablets. Use this ONLY when you are ordering 3 or more packets of rennet tablets. Learn More
  2. Rennet


    A microbial coagulant (M. Miehi and/or M Pussillus). Foil strip of 10 tablets. Learn More
  3. Cheese Salt

    Cheese Salt

    This salt melts easily, does not cake, and contains no iodine. 8 oz. package. Learn More
  4. Sweet Yogurt Starter Culture

    Sweet Yogurt Starter Culture

    This yogurt starter culture will produce a creamier, richer, sweeter yogurt. One packet will set up 2 quarts of milk. 5 pkts. Learn More
  5. Yogurt Starter Culture

    Yogurt Starter Culture

    This yogurt culture turns up to two quarts of milk into a rich creamy yogurt. Learn More
  6. Fresh Cheese Starter Culture

    Fresh Cheese Starter Culture

    This starter culture will produce cottage and pot cheeses, Neufchatel and other soft cheeses. Packet will make one quart of mother culture. Learn More
  7. Propionic Shermanii (Swiss) Starter Culture

    Propionic Shermanii (Swiss) Starter Culture

    This culture makes the "eyes" (holes), aroma, and flavor associated with Swiss cheeses. 25 gm packet. Learn More
  8. Thermophilic Starter Culture

    Thermophilic Starter Culture

    Use to make Italian cheeses such as mozzarella, parmesan, provolone, and Swiss cheese. This is not a direct set culture. Learn More
  9. Kefir Direct Set Culture

    Kefir Direct Set Culture

    This direct set culture makes kefir, a rich, creamy, tangy drink, called the "Champagne of dairy products." 2 packets. Learn More
  10. Fromage Blanc Direct Set Culture

    Fromage Blanc Direct Set Culture

    A direct set culture, it makes a rich cream cheese. 5 packets. Learn More

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